Kaleidoskopen20000 is an interactive sound cloud you can dive into and explore particular sounds. The installations consists of 9 sounding cubes (each playing its own theme) and a light cord, which is used as a sensor. Touching the cord, all the cubes became silent except the nearest two. And you tune to a particular sound depending on a position of your hand on the cord.

Idea: Boris Hegenbart (http://www.soundblocks.de)
Coding: Boris Hegenbart (Max/MSP), Nikita Rokotyan (Cinder, OpenCV)
Sounds: Anastasiya Meyster, Boris Hegenbart, Dasha Kolmakova, Dima Krylov, Kirill Likhin, Mria Prosphora, Natasha Shipilova, Nikita Rokotyan, Valentina Anufrieva
Photo and Video: Masha Merezhnikova

Tools: Max/MSP, Cinder, OpenCV.