👋 Hi, I'm Nikita and I solve creative problems with code 👨‍💻

Before I became a data visualization practitioner I was a research scientist (obtained a PhD degree in physics) and a new media artist.

In 2014 founded Interacta, a team of scientists, designers and engineers building beautiful tools for visual analytics, which won World Data Visualization Prize in 2019.

2018 Joined Volterra to build a data visualization library for their next generation DevOps platform. Volterra was acquired by F5 in 2021, and now the library I was working on powers visualizations on F5's Distributed Cloud platform and NGINX Controller.

2022 Co-authored Cosmograph — the fastest web-based tool and algorithm for large network graph visualizations. Look at how fast it is!

2022 Released Unovis - open source framework for data visualization that received 1K starts on GitHub within 10 days.

Currently based in SF Bay Area.

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Никита Рокотян: Визуализация данных. Я занимаюсь решением комплексных задач анализа и визуализации данных, требующих творческий и в то же время научный подход.