👋 Hi, I'm Nikita and I solve creative problems with code 👨‍💻

Before becoming a data visualization practitioner I was a research scientist (PhD in physics) and a new media artist.

In 2014 founded Interacta, a team of scientists, designers and engineers building beautiful tools for working with data, which won World Data Visualization Prize in 2019.

2020 Moved to California to lead the data visualization team at a startup that later was acquired by F5.

2022 Co-authored Cosmograph — the fastest web-based tool and algorithm for visualizing large network graphs and machine learning embeddings.

2022 Released Unovis - an open source library for data visualization that received more than 1K starts on GitHub within 10 days.

2023 Market Map - experimental visualization of the US stock market. Winner of the Information is Beautiful Awards and nominated for The Webby Awards.

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Никита Рокотян: Визуализация данных. Я занимаюсь решением комплексных задач анализа и визуализации данных, требующих творческий и в то же время научный подход.