Hi, I'm Nikita and I solve creative problems with code.

Before I became a data visualization practitioner I was a research scientist (obtained a PhD degree in physics) and a new media artist.

In 2014 founded Interacta, a team of scientists, designers and engineers building beautiful tools for visual analytics, which won World Data Visualization Prize in 2019.

In 2018 I joined Volterra to build a data visualization library for their next generation DevOps platform. Recently Volterra got acquired by F5, and now the library I'm building powers visualizations on F5's Distributed Cloud platform and NGINX Controller.

I've also co-authored Cosmograph — a web-based tool and WebGL algorithm capable of visualizing big graphs on laptops in real time. Look at how fast it is!

Currently based in SF Bay Area.

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Никита Рокотян: Визуализация данных. Я занимаюсь решением комплексных задач анализа и визуализации данных, требующих творческий и в то же время научный подход.